I Married a Horse and I’m Sleeping With My Brother were just a couple of the comedic segments on Jerry Springer’s talk show that he believes “ruined civilization.”

Jerry Springer asserted that he thought his divisive talk programme had “ruined civilization.”

Between 1991 and 2018, “Jerry Springer” broadcast almost 5,000 episodes.

On “Behind the Velvet Rope,” he remarked, “I just hope hell isn’t that hot because I burn real easy.”

Jerry Springer is considering his impact on the world four years after his contentious tabloid talk show finished its 27-season run.

Due to his namesake talk show, which broadcast nearly 5,000 episodes between 1991 and its discontinuation in 2018, David Yontef, a 78-year-old politician turned TV host, was asked if he considers himself the “granddad of reality TV” on Tuesday’s episode of his podcast “Behind the Velvet Rope.”

Springer didn’t want to accept the title, so she responded: “No, I’m simply sorry. So sorry again. What did I do? I’ve damaged culture.”

Then he laughed: “I just pray that it’s not too hot in hell since I burn very easily. My incredibly fair complexion scares me somewhat.”

Springer continued, saying he thinks

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November 1, 2022